Defence and Environmental Solutions 

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Praetorian BDS1 BLOCK

Defence and Environmental Solutions 

Tel: +44 (0) 7802 664459


Praetorian Teams: Project Managers, Senior Military Consultants, PR advisors and Media Consultants

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Praetorian International delivers dynamic training solutions that are of the highest calibre.

Tel: +44 (0) 7802 664459


A modular structure using the BDS1 ballistic/blast construction block. A 21st Century alternative to the sandbag – multiple industry applications. Easy to assemble, recycled and environmentally friendly product that saves lives and saves money.


Whether you are looking for a bespoke ballistic containment solution, a quick deploy modular flood defence, or elements protection accommodation for aid relief, the PRAETORIAN DEFENCE SOLUTIONS range of patented, quality products manufactured to ISO:9000 compliance, deliver durability and reliability.  Our defence blocks, with a unique blended binder which has been buffed 100%, have more elasticity, interlock capability, and fire-resistance than any other system on the market today. This not only means added robustness, safety, durability, and longevity, but also makes them RECOVERABLE, REUSEABLE, REDEPLOYABLE, and RECYCLABLE!


Every member of the military and law enforcement community must play their part to prevent those intent on subverting the balance of law and order. Real-time training prepares the individual’s mindset to operate more effectively. Praetorian International provides training services to allied nations, governments and NGOs. We are world leading experts in specialist training and provide a comprehensive procurement and logistic service, risk analysis and personal security.

Praetorian Management

The management team of Praetorian unifies experience from corporate management and UK Special Forces. This combination delivers an optimum balance of business evolution and tactical expertise. Our senior management team, based in London, retains over 100 years of operational knowledge.

Praetorian International Training Teams

Praetorian International predominantly recruits its training expertise from UK SF and US Special Operations. This is balanced with conventional forces and law enforcement instructors. This produces a training dimension that is operationally current with vast tactical training experience.


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Praetorian International prides its reputation on delivering the complete training solution. To ensure your personnel achieve the levels of proficiency required Praetorian International will:

  • Develop a close working relationship with your personnel
  • Integrate training
  • Ensure continued assessment and improvement of standards

The transition is complete when our students become the next generation of instructors. This follows a systems approach that affords the following sequence:

  • Training Needs and Analysis
  • Programming
  • Piloting
  • Basic and Advance Instructional Techniques
  • Programme Development and Management
  • Internal and External Validation
  • Training Projection

Praetorian International can design programmes that meet the client’s operational requirements such as:

  • Operational Pre-deployment
  • Peacekeeping
  • Special Forces
  • Internal Security/Law Enforcement
  • Conventional Forces

Our Company can conduct training within:

  • The Client’s environment
  • Overseas training through pre-arranged strategic agreements

With headquarters based in London, UK and our operations overseas we offer:

  • Integrated logistic and administrative support 24 hours a day
  • Training that is transparent and quantifiable
  • Client confidentiality

Mission Statement

“To augment our client’s operational efficiency by implementing cutting edge training solutions that are designed, developed and evaluated by Praetorian International’s acclaimed staff.”

Since commencement of business, Praetorian International has seen dramatic growth within the security industry. Our programmes are transparent and accountable. The key to our success is that we provide realistic training that is operationally current.

Our solutions can also be supported by delivery of instructor training. This guarantees that Praetorian leaves the client with a training legacy which may be nurtured and adjusted for future challenges.

Philip Greatrix – Managing Director July 2016

Available Services:

  • Consultancy and Assessments
  • Program Design
  • Training
  • Mentoring
  • Train the Trainer Programs – Legacy

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Mob: 0044 (0) 7802 664459


  • His Majesty King Abdullah II. Commander in Chief of the Jordan
    Armed Forces
  • Government of Norway – HSK/FSK Special Operations
  • Government of Holland – Brigade Special Operations, Royal Marechaussee
  • Government of Trinidad and Tobago – SAUTT and MOD
  • Government of Pakistan – School of Infantry, Quetta and Special Forces
  • Government of Bahrain – Bahrain Defence Force
  • USAF – Solicitation No: FA5705-11-R-P500 Frontier Corps
  • Lockheed Martin  Development phase of CIED VR simulation training platform


  • World Economic Forum on the Middle East – 2007
  • Nobel Peace Prize awards and Conference – 2007
  • Jordan Army Day Parade and Celebrations – 2007
  • King Abdullah II of Jordan Birthday Celebrations – 2008
  • Pope Benedict XVI Visit to Jordan – 2009
  • 5th Summit of the Americas, Trinidad and Tobago – 2009
  • Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting, Trinidad – 2009


Widely recognised as the region’s most successful example of equipment procurement, integration and training we worked with our Middle East customer for 29 months to achieve the following:

  • Training of 465 SF snipers.
  • Oversaw an equipment and training budget of $23.6m USD.
  • Facilitated customer savings of $5.8m USD – 25% of budget.
  • Reduced procurement timetable by 18months.
  • Improved clients capabilities and increased Force Multiplier effect
  • Left our customer with an instructional cadre and 25 year future capability.

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