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Praetorian International has extensive experience in assisting and advising the end user in the following areas:

Consultation and Procurement

  • Identification of equipment
  • Selection of equipment
  • Testing and evaluating equipment
  • Equipment integration
  • Stores and Armourers Support


Equipment Integration Training

Praetorian International offers a wide range of training programmes specific to newly acquired equipment or systems:

  • Creating training ethos tailored to suit the end user
  • Creating a tactical doctrine
  • Training manuals in languages used by the host unit
  • Annual training cycle programmes tailored to suit the host unit


Praetorian’s advisors will visit, assess, and make detailed equipment and training recommendations for the potential client. Praetorian Services will arrange appropriate export certification as well as the shipping and installation of required equipment. Training, maintenance and logistical support contracts might also be arranged.

NB. Praetorian Services are subject to the UK Department of Industry Export Rules & Regulations.