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Praetorian International prides its reputation on delivering the complete training solution. To ensure your personnel achieve the levels of proficiency required Praetorian International will: 

  • Develop a close working relationship with your personnel
  • Integrate training 
  • Ensure continued assessment and improvement of standards 


The transition is complete when our students become the next generation of instructors. This follows a systems approach that affords the following sequence: 

  • Training Needs and Analysis
  • Programming
  • Piloting
  • Basic and Advance Instructional Techniques
  • Programme Development and Management
  • Internal and External Validation
  • Training Projection


Praetorian International can design programmes that meet the client’s operational requirements such as: 

  • Operational Pre-deployment
  • Peacekeeping  
  • Special Forces
  • Internal Security/Law Enforcement
  • Conventional Forces


Our Company can conduct training within: 

  • The Client’s environment
  • Overseas training by utilizing pre-arranged strategic agreements


With headquarters based in London, UK and our operations overseas we offer: 

  • Integrated logistic and administrative support 24 hours a day
  • Training that is transparent and quantifiable
  • Complete Client confidentiality